Tubing in Harford County, MD

July 11, 2017 - Susquehanna State Park (Deer Creek)

In 2011 we found the joys of river tubing locally and started this blog. From 2011 til present we have tubed numerous spots within a 30 to 45 mile radius of Baltimore.

A few years ago we heard about a cool new tubing spot and checked it out. You float on a creek called Deer Creek starting in Darlington, MD and ending in Susquehanna State Park. It's a great place for tubing we are happy to tell you about! Also, let you know we offer tube rentals and a ride to the start via our sister site/business called Tubing HarCo.

Rather then describe how cool this tubing spot is we've created a quick video for you to watch.

Quick Facts

  • Tubing duration: Varies based on rainfall. If the river is low you'll tube for a few hours or more. Otherwise 2 to 3 hours.
  • Depth of water: Generally 1 to 4 feet yet depends on rainfall. Avoid during heavy rain; dangerous!!!
  • Rapids percentage: 40% of trail has small fun rapids
  • Lazy river percentage: 60% of the trail provides a nice lazy river experience
  • Hurt butt on rocks: No doubt using any store bought tube vs. using a river tube with a cover like the ones we provide.

If you want to enjoy a fun float down Deer Creek free from getting your butt banged on the rocks and a ride to the start point check us out Tubing HarCo.

Other points of interest and cool things to do in this area are the Conwingo Damn, Susquehanna State Park and a tad down the road is the historic city of Havre De Grace.


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