Frequently Asked Questions

Are Baltimore and the surrounding Maryland area rivers clean?

We have surveyed and tubed various locations to find that most local rivers are in fact very clean. Read our reviews to learn more about each river.

What skills are needed for tubing and is the water deep?

It is best you know how to swim, but for the most part there is zero skill involved. You sit in a tube and enjoy a relaxing float down one of our many serene and shallow rivers (two to three feet deep).

Should I buy or rent a tube?

If you plan on going once then renting a tube is advised. Tube rentals and shuttle service are available as followed....

  • Tubing the GunPowder (Baltimore) - Tube rentals are available via Monkton Bike.
  • Tubing Deer Creek (Harford County) - Tube rentals & a ride to the starting point available via Tubing HarCo.
  • Tubing Patapsaco (Howard County) - Tube rentals available via Terrapin Adventures.

Best tubing experience and options for renting is hands down both Tubing HarCo and MonktonBike! Terrapin Adventures in Howard County rents solid tubes, but their location is about five to ten miles away from a tubing river, the Patapsaco(have to pick up the tubes & return them).

If you do plan on going a few times throughout the years then buying a sturdy, durable tube from TubeProInc is advised. Buying an inexpensive tube from Walmart, Target or Dicks is not recommended. We bought an inexpensive tube from Dicks and it only lasted one and half trips before popping in the Patapsco River.

Where are the safe, fun and popular tubing locations?

Check out our MD Tubing Location section to find a great spot to go tubing!

Are any of the rivers rough; will my adrenaline junkie friend get their fix tubing locally?

Tubing in and around Baltimore can best be compared to floating on a lazy river at your local amusement park. Though your journey is longer, more wide open and there are some fun, but small rapids (ripples). Though after a rain storm the rivers are swift. Please tube with caution or not at all immediately after heavy rain!

Where can I go white water tubing, where the waters are swift and filled with rapids?

We are not aware of any white water tubing in the Baltimore and surrounding Maryland area. We know you can enjoy white water tubing in West Virginia.

Can I bring a small child along for the ride?

We brought a five year old along with us when we tubed Gunpowder Falls State Park (Monkton, MD). We knew it was safe and wouldn't have brought him along otherwise, yet he wasn't sure about safety and wasn't able to enjoy the journey. Also, with any child a two hour leisurely float in a inner tube wore on his patience. We often heard, "Are we there yet?" - lol :-)

Have any drownings occurred?

We were not able to find any historical evidence of drowning incidents in the safe tubing spots we travelled and recommend within the state parks. If you go outside of these denoted safe zones please respect the no swimming, tubing, kayaking or canoeing signs posted (like those seen at Deer Creek in Harford County). Also, it is not advised to enter any of these bodies of water immediately after a heavy rainfall.