Baltimore County Reviews

The Gunpowder in Northern Baltimore County is a great local tubing spots. It provides a safe ten mile tubing trail to enjoy and tubes are available for rent via Monkton Bike.

Not all parts of the river provide the same tubing experience, as one portion has a good amount of fun ripples (small rapids), while another is quiet and serene. Read below to find the best Gunpowder tubing spot for you.

tubing party at the gunpowder falls state park

Tubing on Fun, Small Rapids in Monkton

GunPowder: Big Falls Rd to Monkton Rd

  • Travel time: 3 to 5 hours. Can walk up the NCR Trail for shorter tube times.
  • Leisurely float thru clean, cold water with a good amount of small rapids
  • Can rent tubes from Monkton Bike. Call them at 443-212-5951.
  • Small parking area provided by bridge on Big Falls Rd
  • Water on average is 2 feet deep; check current depth here.
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tubing in parkton md - under forest canopy - copyright Cham Green

Tube, Hike & Picnic in Parkton

GunPowder: York Rd to Big Falls Rd

  • Travel time: 2 to 4 hours
  • Leisurely float thru clean, cold water under a forest canopy
  • Hiking trails hug the river here.
  • Large picnic area & swimming hole at start point
  • Small parking areas provided before small bridge on York Rd
  • Water on average is 2 feet deep; check current depth here.
  • As of June 29th, 2014 down trees obstruct parts of the river!
    You'll have to exit & re-enter until next flood clears the path.
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Harford County Reviews

Deer Creek in Harford County is another great local waterway that offers a safe tubing trails.

Deer Creek's flow begins in Shrewsbury, PA and starting in White Hall it's flow and depth increases. Notable sights to see in the area surrounding Deer Creek are Eden Mill Nature Center, Rock State Park's Kilgore Falls (2nd highest in MD) and Susquehanna State Park.

tubing in rock state park deer creek

Tube & Chill Fun in Susquehanna State Park

Deer Creek - Darlington, MD into Susquehanna State Park

  • Varies based on rainfall. If the river is low 2 hours & more. Otherwise less then 2 hours.
  • Tube rentals & a ride to the start point is available via Tubing HarCo
  • Long and wide tubing trail with a good amount of fun, small rapids.
  • Water depth varies based on rainfall; generally 1 to 4 feet. Some DEEP spots exist.
  • Water temperature is average
  • The State Park offers the Stepping Stone Museum & 5 miles away is Conwingo Damn
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tubing in rock state park deer creek

Tube & Picnic in Rock State Park

Deer Creek alongside St. Claire Bridge Rd

  • Travel time: About an hour within SAFE area
  • Leisurely float in generally clean water with a few small, fun rapids
  • Make own tube & shuttle arrangements; no vendors here
  • Tubing around large groups of swimmers & revelers is common
  • Water is less then 4 feet deep. You can check current depth here.
  • Rocks State Park also offers Kilgore Falls & King & Queen Seat
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Howard County Reviews

In my quest to find another safe and popular tubing location I searched Google. The results led me to an adventure company (Terrapin Adventures) that offers tube rentals for this area. I opted to not rent a tube and rather drive myself to the location.

As noted in our review of this tubing trail, the water level was too low to provide a good experience. This review was published in 2011 and since then readers have left comments stating the water was too shallow for them too. If anyone knows of some great tubing trails on the Patapsco, please send us a message via our contact form.

tubing the patapsco river by bloedes damn

Tubing in Howard County

Patapsco River - Patapsco State Park (Avalon Area)

  • Travel time: Not long due to low water levels
  • Water is clean
  • Can rent tubes from Terrapin Adventures; shuttle service not provided
  • Water usually isn't deep enough for a long tubing excursion
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