Tubing in Baltimore County, MD

On June 25th a friend wanted to go tubing in and around Baltimore. Neither of us had tubed before and due to Google exhalting Harpers Ferry as the place to go, our expectations were low. Though Harpers Ferry is far away, so we found info about tubing in Monkton and thought to try it out.

Well this fateful trip inspired a new passion and in turn the creation of this Tubing MD web resource. If you haven't been tubing you are missing out and river tubing the GunPowder River in Monkton is a lot of fun!

As seen on the map below there are five river entry and exit points on the GunPowder in this area for you to choose from. We have listed each entry & exit points' address here; all provide either side street parking or a parking area. Overall, you could enjoy a 10 hour float from start to finish or enjoy the popular 3 to 5 hour (water level dependent) float from Big Falls Rd to Monkton Rd. Now if 3 to 5 hours of tubing is too long for you then walk up the NCR Trail, find the spray painted trees and enter from there.

On this journey down the Gunpowder we brought some family members along. We didn't have our own tubes, so we rented some from Monkton Bike for $25 to $30 per tube. Monkton Bike shuttled us  (shuttle was shut down by the county in 2014) to Big Falls Rd. and got our journey started.

Tubing here is great because it provides a safe ten mile stretch, the water is clean, the trees provide some shade from the sun and the crowds are friendly. We do want to note the water is a chilly 55 to 60 degrees, but it feels great on a hot summer day!

As seen in the video we brought along a small child, which might not have been the greatest idea. You might want to hold off on bringing your real little ones along if they have a fear of water or as most kids do, lack patience. It is after all, a leisurely float down a two foot river with mild rapids here and there.

Have you tubed here before we'd love to hear your experience, questions or comments too :-)

Before you go check how deep the water is here; optimal depth for tubing in these parts is between 1.5 feet or above.

UPDATE 2017: Thanks for your readership!

We are happy to announce a great new spot to go tubing that is not far from Monkton in Harford County. Tube rentals and a ride to the start point is offered and you'll be floating in a cool creek called Deer Creek. Learn more via our post here.