Tubing in Harford County, MD

July 11, 2017 - Susquehanna State Park (Deer Creek)

In 2011 we found the joys of river tubing locally and started this blog. From 2011 til present we have tubed numerous spots within a 30 to 45 mile radius of Baltimore.

A few years ago we heard about a cool new tubing spot and checked it out. You float on a creek called Deer Creek starting in Darlington, MD and ending in Susquehanna State Park. It's a great place for tubing we are happy to tell you about! Also, let you know we hold tubing events throughout the summer where we provide each tuber a professional river tube and a ride to the starting point via our sister site/business called Tubing HarCo.

Rather then describe how cool this tubing spot is we've created a quick video for you to watch.

Quick Facts

  • Tubing duration: Varies based on rainfall. If the river is low 2 hours & more. Otherwise less then 2 hours.
  • Depth of water: Generally 1 to 4 feet yet depends on rainfall. Avoid during heavy rain; dangerous!!!
  • Rapids percentage: 40% of trail has small fun rapids
  • Lazy river percentage: 60% of the trail provides a nice lazy river experience
  • Water temps: Feels close to air temperature; generally not cold in season
  • Hurt butt on rocks: No doubt using any store bought tube vs. using a river tube with a cover like the ones we provide.

Our first tubing event for 2018 will be Saturday June 30th. Please RSVP to this event via our Facebook page or if your not on Facebook please text/call (443-585-0041) or email us. Space is limited and details like cost & other things can be found at Tubing HarCo.

Check the water level/depth before tubing here. If it's too shallow(under a foot) or too deep (above 2.5) our events are canceled.

Other points of interest and cool things to do in this area are the Conwingo Damn, Susquehanna State Park and a tad down the road is the historic city of Havre De Grace.