Tubing Locations: Baltimore County

The addresses listed below are the starting points for the different tubing trails on the Gunpowder River in Northern Baltimore County. Each trail offers a different experience, so check our reviews to find the right river trail for you.

If you're specifically looking for the address of the tube rental shop (Monkton Bike) on the Gunpowder, their address is 1900 Monkton Rd, 21111.

tubing big falls rd to monkton map View in Google Maps

Gunpowder Tubing: Big Falls Rd. to Monkton

  • Starting Address
  • 17440 Big Falls Rd
  • Monkton, MD 21111
  • Parking area available
  • (10 blocks from this address)
  • Read Our Review - Popular trail with some fun rapids & scenery
tubing gunpowder falls state park - parkton, md View in Google Maps

Gunpowder Tubing: Parkton to Monkton

  • Starting Address:
  • 17912 York Rd
  • Parkton, MD 21120
  • Parking area adjacent to bridge next to winery
  • Start point is a picnic area with a swimming hole. Note down trees block parts of river.
tubing monkton, md to corbett rd map View in Google Maps

Gunpowder Tubing: Monkton to Corbett Rd.

  • Starting Address:
  • 1780 Monkton Rd
  • Monkton, MD 21111
  • Tube Rental Shop Area = Weekend parking is limited
  • Review Coming Soon
tubing corbett rd to glencoe map View in Google Maps

Gunpowder Tubing: Corbett Rd to Lower Glencoe

  • Starting Address:
  • 1838 Corbett Rd
  • Monkton, MD 21111
  • Side street parking available
  • 5 blocks from this address
tubing glencoe to sparks map View inGoogle Maps

Gunpowder Tubing: Glencoe to Sparks

  • Starting Address:
  • 1304 Glencoe Rd
  • Sparks Glencoe, MD 21152
  • Exit at large bridge in Sparks

Harford County

The locations listed below indicate two tubing trails on Deer Creek in Harford County that are popular.

This river trail on the Deer Creek is safe and popular. Please be aware there are danger/no swimming signs on a portion of Deer Creek, but not in this section.

tubing deer creek in harford county View in Google Maps

Deer Creek Tubing: Darlington, MD into Susquehanna State Park

tubing deer creek in harford county View in Google Maps

Deer Creek Tubing: Rock State Park

  • Hills Grove Picnic Area
  • Rocks State Park
  • Pylesville, MD 21132
  • Read Our Review

Howard County

The address listed below is the address for Patapsco State Park's Avalon Area.

The Patapsco River runs through here and once you've entered & paid the nominal entrance fee, drive up River Rd. til the last parking lot. Then walk up to Bloede's Damn & enter the river.

tubing the Patapsco River map

Patapsco River Tubing: Patapsco State Park

  • Starting Address:
  • Avalon Area
  • 1758 River Rd
  • Elkridge, MD 21075
  • Read Our Review