Tubing Essentials

River & Snow Inner Tubes

river inner tubes

River tubes can be rented on the Gunpowder from Monkton Bike; give them a call at 443-212-5951. Also, they can be rented on the Patapsco River from Terrapin Adventures.

If you plan on river or snow tubing throughout the years, then we advise buying a durable tube with a cover from TubeProInc. This is the same tube manufacturing company the Gunpowder rental shops buy their tubes from. Tube Pro Inc., also sells black tire inner tubes for $35, but they are coverless.

If you're thinking about buying an inexpensive tube from Dick's or Walmart, you may want to read how our inexpensive tube burst while on the Patapsco River.

Waterproof Dry Bag

waterproof dry bag for keys and iphone

A water-proof dry bag with a lanyard is advised for your car keys, smart-phone and or digital camera.

They can be purchased for around $20 at Dicks, Walmart or Target.

Please be aware these bags are not fully waterproof. You should be mindful of keeping the bag with its contents as dry as possible.


Old Sneakers or Sandals

suggested footwear for river tubing



Men and Women Swim Wear

river tubing swim wear